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March 2015 " From Grove to Market-’ Making the olive market work for subsistence and small-scale farmers in the occupied Palestinian territory- Oxfam Projects Direct"

Posted in March 2015 "Completed Projects"

Funded by:                European Union
Contracting Party:  Oxfam GB
Partners:                   Economic and Social Development Center (ESDC)
                                     Bethlehem University’s Fair Trade Development Center (FTDC)
                                     Business Women Forum (BWF)
Starting Date:          April 2012
Ending Date:            March 2015
The project aims to provide small and medium scale farmers from vulnerable and poor households in the West Bank with fair and equitable access to commercial markets within a conducive institutional and policy environment, resulting in increased food and income security and greater resilience to, and ability to respond to, shocks and disasters. More specifically, the Project aims to increase agricultural productivity and improved quality of olive oil for 325 subsistence and small-scale olive farmers through affordable effective and innovative extension services; increase the access of 325 subsistence and small-scale olive farmers to and improve their returns from high value markets through improved marketing and linkages across the value chain; and provide 75 women with greater benefits from the olive market system and with the ability to influence decision making process.

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