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As ARIJ is found on the principle that citizens have the right to associate, its highest decision making authority belongs to group of professionals representing the local community, who are referred to by the  General Assembly or Board of Trustees. Currently, ARIJ enjoys the services of 27 professionals who constitute the general assembly of the institute. Their specializations cover a range of fields such as engineering, history, psychology, economics, science, and more. They provide ARIJ administration with policy guidelines and strategic guidance. In addition, they discuss and approve the annual administrative and financial report as well as the annual budget. The institute’s current general assembly includes but is not limited to the following members:

  • Ms. Roubina Ghattas (Biodiversity and Food Security)
  • Mr. Ahmad Rweidi (Lawyer)
  • Mr. Anton Salman (Lawyer)
  • Dr. Bishara  Abu Ghannam (Electrical Engineer)
  • Dr. Abeer Istanbuli (Economics and Business)
  • Dr. Fadi Kattan (Accountant & Business Administration)
  • Ms. Fida' Abed Allatif (Urban Planner)
  • Mr. Ghassan Andoni (Physicist)
  • Dr. Ghassan Handal (Parasitology)
  • Mr. Hamed Al Qawasmeh (Human Rights)
  • Mr. Mohammed Khaled (Cooperation For Rural Development and Sustainable Use Of Natural Resources)
  • Ms. Hind Khoury (Business Administration)
  • Dr. Ferdoos Alissa (Mental Health, Psychotherapy)
  • Dr. Jamal Safi (Toxicologist)
  • Eng. Jarasmous Kharroub (Food Scientist)
  • Mr. Kamal Hassoneh (Ex-Minister for National Economy)
  • Ms. Minerva Qassis-Jaraysah (Gender Law and Development)
  • Dr. Mona Matar (Information Technology)
  • Dr. Nabeel 'Edeily (Pharmacist)
  • Dr. Nael Salman (Urban Planner)
  • Dr. Norma Hazboun (Social Scientist)
  • Dr. Nasri Qumsieh (Cardiologist)
  • Mr. Salah Elian (Financial Management) 
  • Dr. Saleem Zoughbi (Computer Scientist)
  • Dr. Simon El Araj (Mechanical Engineer)
  • Dr. Spiro Tams (Dermatologist)
  • Dr. Walid Mustafa (Geographer)
  • Dr. Ziad 'Abdeen (Molecular Biologist)
  • Mrs. Ghada Hazboun (Pharmacist)
  • Dr. Bisher Marzouqa (Cardiac Surgeon)
  • Mr. Husam Wahab (Accountant)
  • Ms. Jihan Anastas (Interior Architect)
  • Mr. Sliman Abu Dayyeh (Social Science)
  • Mr. Ramzi Zananiri (Executive Director of Near East Council of Churches)
  • Archbishop Attalah Hana (Archbishop of Orthodox Church of Jerusalem)-Honorary Member
  • Bishop William Shomali (Bishop of the Latin Patriarch of Jerusalem)-Honorary Member

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