The Applied Research Institute Jerusalem - Papers

2008 Papers

Geo-Demographical Outlook for Jerusalem
Israel’s Restlessness to join Certified International Affiliation: Why Israel should NOT join the EU & the Nato
On the 41 Anniversary of the Israeli Occupation, ‘Israel still persistent and relentless to sentence prospects of Peace to an end
Disaster Mitigation towards Sustainable Development in the Occupied Palestinian Territories
Spatial Data Infrastructure towards E-Municipality: The Case of Beit Sahour Municipality
The Applied Research Institute – Jerusalem (ARIJ) Refutes the Report of the Israeli Occupation Authorities, which accuses the Palestinian of Polluting the Environment and Water Resources
The Water Rights and the Water Wrongs in Palestine
حرب اسرائيل الديموغرافية في مدينة القدس لتحويل صراع الحقوق إلى صراع وجود
عام على قمة أنابوليس
ورقة موقف حول الاستراتيجية الوطنية للحكم الإداري الفلسطيني

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