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Israel to start building new settlement called “Nawar”
HELAND Project Second Steering Committee and Technical Committee Meetings 9th and 10th, September 2013
ARIJ and Anti-Corruption Commission (PACC) Hold a Joint Workshop in Al-Ram
ARIJ signs an MOU and a joint cooperation with T.E.F group from the Czech Republic
New EU Guidelines Prohibit Funding to Occupied Territories
Israeli Authorities Ban Entry of ARIJ Intern
Promoting Socio-economic Sustainable Development Through Innovative Technological Actions for Mediterranean Tourism Heritage and Landscapes Protection Clusters (HELAND)
Elements Dictating the Future of the Peace Process
ARIJ recently published a socio-economic research report entitled; “Israeli Occupation: A Business Enterprise ,The case of Magnetic Cards and Permits of Entry to Israel.”
اطلاق مشروع دراسة استراتيجية المواصلات في فلسطين
Launching the research & development of the Palestinian national transportation strategy
READ & WATCH ARIJ report on occasion of World Day to Combat Desertification: A large amount of West Bank lands are under ongoing degradation
ARIJ Conclude Educational Lecture On Sustainable
" معهد الابحاث التطبيقية القدس (أريج) يحتفل في اليوم العالمي للبيئة تحت الشعار الدولي " فكّر- كُلْ- وفّرّ
On Occasion of Biodiversity International Day – بمناسبة يوم التنوع الحيوي العالمي
Israeli settlers’ violations in the occupied Palestinian Territory ( Nov 2012 – May 2013 )
Food Production-Consumption Assessment to Improve Sustainable Agriculture and Food Security in the West Bank- Palestine (English & Arabic)
ARIJ briefs Consul Generals and International Bodies Representatives in the occupied Palestine
ARIJ Good-Governance department concludes training workshops series aimed at strengthening cooperatives capacity
ARIJ concludes first field visit to Badan valley of Nablus
ARIJ welcomes biodiversity and nature conservation experts from IUCN
معهد أريج ينهي مشاركته في مؤتمر القدس مدينة الاديان في رومانيا
معهد أريج ينهي يشارك منتدى مؤسسة أنا ليند المتوسطي 2013 في مرسيليا
Blossoming Spring in Palestine
ARIJ Marks Off Social Monitoring Groups in a National Ceremony
وقفة صمت على أرواح الشهداء وتضامن مع حقوق اسرى الحرية الفلسطينيين في سجون الاحتلال
Focus group set up a joint working group coordinated by ARIJ
ARIJ leads learning project focused on forest rehabilitation and sustainability for Palestinian partners
Training of social integrity committees in the West-Bank
ARIJ’s joint research evaluating the effects of Olive Mill Wastes


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